What I Do?

OrthoImpactFoundation.org - 6.20.09

Working with a website designed by Graphics Assassin. A customized shopping cart was created to process their Raffle tickets and donations.

The application also included some administration features to manage, track, and store the orders.

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Web Development/Applications

Do you have a project that requires an email form or a complex web application for your business?

Does it require a Content management System that hooks into eBay or provides current shipping calculations or do you have an in house project to save time or money?

Here are some of the technologies we use to come up with the best solution for you.
  • Content Management Systems(CMS)
  • eCommerce
  • Payment Processing
  • API's & Web Service mash ups
  • Application setup & Customization
  • Database design & Maintenance
  • Kiosk/desktop applications

  • Training
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Technical Consulting
  • Integration & Design
  • Performance tuning
Programming Languages/Skills
  • Adobe Cold Fusion (MX certification)
  • PHP
  • ASP, ASP.Net
  • Javascript
  • Flash Actionscript
  • Ajax & DHTML
  • Other... (Always learning new technologies)